Welcome to your new favourite moisturiser, the Sculpted by Aimee Cloudcream™. We have expertly crafted a nourishing moisturiser formulated to soothe and repair dehydrated or sensitised skin. With key moisture ingredients included shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides.
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We know you’ll love CloudCream™, and here’s why.. It’s full of ceramides to help lock in moisture and protect your skin with that all-important hyaluronic acid for long-lasting smoothness and hydration. It’s also totally cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. 

Simply apply your CloudCream™ once in the morning and once in the evening. But to be completely honest, you can apply it whenever you feel like you need that little boost of hydration. This dreamy moisturiser should be the last step in your skincare routine and can be used as a base for your makeup.

CloudCream™ Bundles

Our nourishing ceramide cream is not only available as a single product, we also offer CloudCream™ bundles. The CloudCream™ + HydraGlo bundle features two high-performing skincare products for optimum skin hydration, this includes our CloudCream™ and best-selling HydraGlo serum. 

Refillable Moisturiser 

Yes, you read that right. Our CloudCream™ is available in refillable pots - so it’s better for the environment and your wallet. Our environmental initiative is simple: just collect five empties, fill out a returns form and receive 200 sculpted points. Like to know more? Read our ReSculpted environmental initiative for information on refilling, recycling, and gaining Sculpted points. 

Why Choose Sculpted CloudCream™?

Here at Sculpted, we put skin first. Daily elements of life can take their toll on us, and we’re not about to let that stop your skin glowing. 

There’s no need to worry if CloudCream™ is suitable for your skin, we’ve ensured our moisturiser is nourishing for all skin types. Dry, sensitive, normal, or oil-prone skin types can rest assured knowing your skin will thrive using CloudCream™.

And if this wasn’t enough good news, you can enjoy free shipping on all orders over £45. Go ahead and glow!

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