How To Apply Cream Highlighter

February 28, 2022

3 minutes Read

How To Apply Cream Highlighter

Hello everyone!

Today’s edit is one of my favourite things :) Cream highlight!!

I always get loads of questions on instagram and at Masterclasses about cream highlight. First things first, I could not live without Cream Highlight and it was part of the inspiration of starting my own range! Part of the reason that I created the line was when I was doing makeup for weddings, I wanted something suitable for the mothers of the bride, brides & junior bridesmaids that would give a glow but not settle into any fine lines. And so Sculpted Cream Highlight was created plus it’s suitable for everyone to give a really lovely glow!

When do you apply cream highlight?

You should always do your base as normal, apply your primer, concealer and foundation and set with a translucent powder. This sets the face for contouring.

Contour as usual using your Double Ended Sculpted Brush apply your bronzer to the hollows of the cheeks, around the hairline and the sides of the nose. Then you apply the cream highlight! Don’t worry about applying cream highlight over your setting powder that’s how its supposed to be & it’s supposed to jump off the skin for a glow.

How do you apply it?

Using your ring finger you 'tap tap tap' cream highlight onto the skin. The cream requires the heat of your hand to almost melt the consistency and by tapping the product onto the skin you're not dragging any of your base makeup off. So gather some product onto your ring finger, and tap in a circular motion on the tips of the cheekbones and around the temple; You can see the result below;

Always use cream highlight in the areas of the face where you would naturally reflect the light, so the tips of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and on the cupids bow, just tapping a little of the product onto your skin! And in saying that make sure they’re areas you want to draw attention to. For example if you don’t like your nose don’t pop highlight all over it!

Tips on where else you can apply:

Cream highlight is also amazing for brightening the eyes, use a little in the tear duct to make you look bright eyed and wide awake!

And you can use it to lifting the brow bone and giving added definition to the brows. Just tap a tiny bit of the cream highlight under the arch of the brow.

Check out our shades:

And here's how our range of cream highlights look on the skin! From left to right Cathy is wearing Pearl Pop, Golden Hue and Champagne Cream!

How to Pick your Shade:

Pearl Pop is the brightest of our cream highlights, and is perfect if you like your highlight to stand out and give a dewy finish. It looks iridescent on the skin and suits the fairer of us and those with tan.

Champagne Cream is more neutral and is almost skin tone in colour so it's perfect for giving a dewy finish without being too bright hence why so many people love it for a day to day look even if they’re not massive makeup wearers.

Golden Hue is the newest edition to the range, it's perfect if you like to wear tan or naturally have a colour. Fairer skins can also wear this if you like your glow to be more golden. Because our creams are sheer they’re never too heavy!

I hope this edit helps with any confusion on cream highlight, it is the best tool for giving that glowing healthy look, and I just couldn't be without it now, it's a handbag essential!!

Lot's of love,

Aimee xx