5 Reasons to Love Sculpted By Aimee

March 23, 2022

3 minutes Read

5 Reasons to Love Sculpted By Aimee

When our fabulous founder Aimee started Sculpted back in 2016, she had heaps of experience as a pro makeup artist. From working on TV shows and shoots to magazine columns, Aimee discovered what was missing from most makeup - high quality, skin-loving formulas that are simple to use, and accessible for everyone.

Six years later, Sculpted By Aimee has become one of Ireland’s top makeup brands, trusted to provide cruelty-free coverage that complements every look. So whether you’re a busy mum or a makeup artist, a fan of full-on glam or lowkey looks, here are five reasons to love Sculpted.

We're 100% cruelty-free

When Aimee started out in the industry, she was shocked by all the animal ingredients lurking in our fave products - and how most of them were tested on feathers and fur.

When she started Sculpted, Aimee wanted to do things differently and make makeup with a clean conscience. So we’re proud to say we’re cruelty-free and always have been. We’re working towards becoming 100% vegan too - so watch this space!

Our formulas are packed with skin-loving vitamins and minerals

Hands up if you’re sick of foundation that blocks your pores, eyeshadow that dries your eyes and lipstick that chaps your smile. Well, us too! We think makeup that looks good but messes with your skin is a BIG red flag.

That’s why we don’t do parabens here. All Sculpted formulas are made with minerals and packed with skin-loving ingredients, so you can enjoy makeup with skincare built in. One of our fave formulas is Second Skin Dewy, which is SPF 50, non-comedogenic and full of collagen and antioxidants for that extra boost of goodness.

Our shade matching service helps you find your perfect Second Skin

Finding your shade when shopping for foundation shouldn’t be a challenge. Second Skin comes in 30 different shades, and we even considered the full spectrum of undertones when formulating our foundations - so there’s a perfect match for every complexion.

Still struggling to find your perfect second skin? Sculpted’s shade matching service is here to help. We do virtual try-ons as well as offering handy guides on how to find your shade.

With our ReSculpted initiative, you can return your empties for us to recycle

Cosmetic waste is something that Aimee is passionate about; makeup makes up 120 billion units of packaging each year, and most of this isn’t even recyclable. But at Sculpted, we want to sculpt a better world.

We set up ReSculpted so beauty fans can send back their empties for us to safely recycle. All our packaging can be washed and returned, whether you live in Ireland or abroad. We’ve saved 7 billion pieces of packaging from landfill so far! But as an extra incentive for beauty fans, if you send us five empties, you’ll earn 200 points to spend on our site.

... and plant a tree with every order

Our ReSculpted scheme takes lots of small, sustainable, steps to help the planet. On top of recycling all those empties, we work with Hometree to rewild the world. Those Sculpted points you get from recycling? You can spend those on planting a tree! Make sure you add one to your next order. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of points left over to spend on sculpting your perfect look.

Lots of love,

Aimee & Team