Best Of Summer 2021- The Sculpted Edition

February 28, 2022

6 minutes Read

Best Of Summer 2021- The Sculpted Edition

From beach essentials to sultry summer smokes, we are rounding up our ‘Best of Summer’ products for 2021! We have included a couple of our new launches along with a couple of old favourites, so let’s jump right in..

First and foremost, the product that stole everyone’s hearts this Summer has to be our Sculpted ‘Tint & Glow’ skin enhancer. It took us quite some time to get this formula exactly right, and judging by your reaction to it, we think we may have nailed it!

A fun fact about Tint & Glow is that it was actually meant to launch in Summer 2020, but of course with the pandemic, there were some delays meaning it wouldn’t land until Autumn, and given the nature of this sheer, lightweight base, we decided to hold onto it until Summer this year. This just meant that the Sculpted Team had even more time to fall head over heels in love with it, just like you all did!

Things to love about Tint & Glow:

Protection- Tint & Glow has SPF30 for broad spectrum protection and it also contains carrot root extract which helps to protect the skin from oxidative stress, a.k.a -it gives you blue light protection from your screens.

Hydration- This moisturising formula is a blend of Hyaluronic acid and Niacinamide, which are known to plump and hydrate the skin while also targeting texture and tone. Niacinamide does a wonderful job at brightening the complexion.

The Finish- Super lightweight and breathable, it feels like wearing nothing on the skin. It adds a sheer coverage tint and an unbeatable glow. But not that glittery, shimmery kind of glow, think more along the lines of a natural radiant glow that looks like you’re lit from within.

Easy Application - There is absolutely no fuss with Tint & Glow, you can whack it on like a moisturiser with your hands or blend it onto the skin with a brush or sponge. Our favourite brush to apply it with is the Complexion Duo brush or the Foundation Duo brush from the Essentials Volume 2 brush set.

Next on our Summer list, Bronze Base Facial Tanning Drops. An oldie but goodie. This fuss free face tan won you over back in Summer 2019 , and so this year we decided to make it even bigger and better.

We relaunched Bronze Base this summer in a new bigger 50ml bottle and not only that, we also made it REFILLABLE. It’s our mission to move Sculpted in a more sustainable direction as much as we can and because so many of you loved and repurchased Bronze Base so much, we thought it would be the best one to start with as a refillable.

And, just look at how cute the refill pouches are? They really couldn’t be any easier to use!

Just in case you are reading for the first time and haven’t heard of Bronze Base before, here’s a little about why it’s loved so much:

The Hydration- It’s almost like a hyaluronic acid serum with an added tint. You can actually see the effects of the hydration on your face as the skin is left with a ‘I drink so much water’ type of glow! Bronze Base also has Vitamin E which provides the skin with a little extra nourishment, leaving it super soft and smooth.

The Application- There really isn’t anything to it, after finishing your evening skincare routine, just pop Bronze Base onto the face and neck using our mini buffer brush (don’t forget the ears) as your final step. Wash your hands afterwards and head off to bed.

There’s no drying time, no transfer on your pillow and most importantly, no fake tan smell.

The Results - Bronze Base takes just 6 hours to develop, that’s why we suggest using it before bed, but the results are second to none. You wake up with a beautifully bronzed complexion, but the kind of bronze that looks like you’ve been on holidays rather than an overly fake tanned look. It just leaves the right amount of tint on the face which you can wear alone, or add makeup over it.

P.S- your new bronzed glow will also last for 2-3 days!

Speaking of Bronze, it’s time to discuss our next ‘Best of Summer’ product, which has to of course be.. Cream Luxe.

These creamy compacts sold out so fast we were actually left a little bit dizzy. They include a mirror inside the compact which makes them super handy for touching up on the go, and maybe this is why you all loved them so much, as around the same time, lockdown restrictions began to lift and we were all allowed to venture that little further to see our people.

We brought some old and some new together for this launch and this is what it included:

2 NEW cream bronzers - light/medium & medium/dark

2 cream base highlighters- Pearl Pop & Champagne Cream (these two were old favourites)

And 2 Cream Blushes, Pink Supreme (which you’ll know and love as the cream tint in our Full Face Edit palettes) and Peach Pop a brand new peach cream goddess.

Each one is super easy to use and yet they make a huge impact on your overall look.

The formula isn’t as emollient as other creams may be, and we created them this way on purpose so that they wouldn’t slip and slide around when trying to apply them. Creams can get a little messy, but not our Cream Luxe.

We recommend Cream Luxe mainly for the cheeks, but they also look sensational on the eyes and lips too! The hardest thing about them is trying to pick a favourite.

Next up on our list is the Sculpted x Tara Cheeks & Eyes Palette, and what a stunning palette this is. We knew everyone was going to love the Tara Collection as much as we do, mainly because of the amount of time and consideration that was put into each product from both Aimee & Tara.

This stunning palette features 5 brand new eyeshadows in a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes and 3 contouring shades for the face, including a brand new bronzer, blush and highlight.

Each shade was named by Tara after her sons, nieces and her two dogs. , The perfect little personal touch. The palette can be worn by all ages and skin tones and although it’s the perfect palette for some everyday glam, it can transform that same daytime glam into a full on night out look in just a few simple steps.

Since launching, it hasn’t left the Sculpted Team’s makeup bags, and we feel it’ll be sticking around for a while!

Last but most certainly not least on our Best of Summer Round up is.. Liquid Lights!

Like, was it even Summer if you weren’t drenched in these little liquid miracles?

Up until last week, we had two shades, Pink Lite liquid blush- a soft glowing pink and Gilded Glow- a champagne toned liquid highlight, but of course we just had to add to the Liquid Lights family and so we launched 2 more, Rosy Glow- a deeper rosy pink blush, and Pink Champagne, a champagne toned liquid highlight with a little touch of pink.

Liquid Lights really are an instant pick me up. Completely effortless to apply, you can just tap the blush onto the apples of the cheeks for a fresh rosy glow, and then with the highlight we love to pop it onto the cheekbones, brow bone, tip & bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. To be honest, we don’t even stop there, we also love to use them on the shoulders, decolletage and down the front of our legs for that next level healthy glow.


Our Liquid Lights line up ✨ have you tried the new shades yet? 😍 ##sculptedbyaimee ##liquidlights ##liquidblush ##liquidhighlight

♬ Sunshine (The Light) - Fat Joe & Dj Khaled & Amorphous

12mls of pure liquid perfection if you ask us.

We could keep adding to this list, but we can’t include everything so we just wanted to round up our ‘Best of Summer’ based on what we at Sculpted feel received so much love this year based on all of your amazing testimonials and reviews.

There’s nothing we love more than your feedback, so thank you so much for always sharing it with us and tagging us in all your Sculpted looks.

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We’d love to know what products are staying in your makeup bag as we transition into Autumn?

Lots of Love,

Aimee & Team xx