How to Layer Your Skincare 

March 23, 2022

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How to Layer Your Skincare 

When it comes to layering your skincare it can be confusing and overwhelming with all the various products on the market so we’re here to make it easier! Of course with the launch of our NEW ultra-hydrating serum HydraGlo, it’s important to know where it lies in your skincare routine. 

Tint & Glow and Beauty Base

Double Cleansing:

First things first, when you’re looking at your nighttime routine we recommend double cleansing, which is basically cleansing twice. 

First cleanse is to remove SPF, makeup or general pollution from the skin and the second is to actually cleanse the skin. You can use two different cleansers if should you want to have one more gentle makeup removing and the other a more targeted active cleanser. This completely depends on your own skin type and skin condition. 

In the morning time, lots find it unnecessary to double cleanse because you’ve only been sleeping but we definitely recommend cleansing once. 


Next up you might use a lotion or a toner, but then again this is your preference. These products can purify the skin, gently exfoliate or rejuvenate. You may also introduce an actual exfoliator here either. The amount of times you us exfoliate will depend on the exfoliator you use. Some can be a little too harsh for daily use so you can reduce it to 2 or 3 times a week or once a week depending on the product. 


Next comes the VIP to your routine - Serum! 

Serums are typically a lower molecular size so they can penetrate the skin that bit deeper. You can have a serum that can do all sorts of functions whereas our HydraGlo serves as the one purpose for all skin types, tones and preferences in that it gives hydration. It is a non-active turbo-boosting hydrating serum that really works for everyone and anyone regardless of your skin type, whether your oily, dry, normal or combination.

Hydration is key for smoother, younger looking skin but also to act as a better finish and base to your makeup. Hydration is key to the longevity of your makeup and like that, having a smoother, plumper base for it too. 

HydraGlo Serum

So, when you’re looking at your serums, you might have one or different ones for different times of year / skin concerns. The one constant will be your hydration serum or moisturiser depending on preference and then other serum choices could be a Vitamin A or a Vitamin C for your nighttime/ morning time.

Knowing what order to apply them in is really important and usually comes down to the consistency of the product. The thinner the consistency the earlier it goes on the skin. So i.e. your serum is always used before your moisturiser as your serum is generally going to be a thinner consistency versus your moisturiser that is a bit creamier. So we recommend looking at the consistency of your other serums if you do use any in conjunction with Hydraglo, to look at what you might apply to the skin first. 

HydraGlo Hydrating Serum

As a summary we typically say, double cleanse, exfoliate if you want to, apply your serum and then do your moisturiser or night cream depending on if you want to. 


Personally, some of us on the team go directly from HydraGlo to our Beauty Base, but you might want to lock and seal it all in with a moisturiser, particularly perhaps at night where the skin might repair and rejuvenate itself - that’s totally normal. 

Your moisturiser will go on after your HydraGlo. In the morning, we like to go from our HydraGlo to our Beauty Base. Beauty Base has added hydrating properties in it as well as that SPF function. It is super important that we are wearing SPF every single day and you want to make sure you're using a broad spectrum SPF. Our Beauty Base Original, Beauty Base Pearl and Beauty Base Rose Golden are SPF30 broad spectrum which provides protection against UVA and your UVB rays which is super important. Our Beauty Base Protect packs an even higher punch with SPF50 to ensure the ultimate protection!

How to layer your skincare like to pop that on after our HydraGlo, it gives the skin a sheen with extra hydration and it protects against SPF before makeup.

Nighttime Layering:

A double cleanse, tone/exfoliate, serum, moisturiser if you want to.

Morning Layering:

Cleanse once, serum, SPF and off you go. 

Final Note

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